Voice Disorders


The human voice is central to our ability to communicate our ideas and personalities.  The National Center for Voice and Speech has estimated that about 7% of the American population (over 18,000,000 people) will suffer a voice ailment sometime during their lifetime; and we believe that this is an underestimate.  Yet, the voice has been neglected by medical researchers until very recently. 

Warning signs of potentially serious disease--a raspy voice, persistent dull pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing, or a tired voice--are ignored too often.  Millions of people abuse their voices every day and despite widespread voice problems, too little is known about the vocal disorders which cut short careers, impede the speech process, devastate and even threaten people's lives.  In order to prevent voice disorders, the public needs to be made aware of its risks for vocal injury and what can be done to prevent them.  Vocal health education is an important piece of voice disorders prevention.

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