PENTA Voice Center

Our Voice Center is world-renowned and was among the first centers dedicated to professional voice care.  Our office provides sophisticated and comprehensive care for voice patients, particularly for professional voice users, including the most advanced techniques in voice diagnosis, medical care, voice therapy, and voice surgery.  We are also one of the first to offer a program in preventative voice care for those who use their voice in their professions and are interested in learning techniques to help maintain vocal stamina and vocal health throughout the professional voice career.

In addition to professional voice care, the PENTA Voice Center also treats other laryngeal disorders, including laryngeal movement disorders (neurolaryngology), papillomatosis, laryngeal cancer, spasmodic dysphonia, airway stenosis and scarring, tracheotomy care, airway reconstruction, transgender voice care, and pediatric voice and airway disorders.

We attract patients and visiting scholars and clinicians from around the globe.  We were among the first to establish interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment protocols that since have been emulated widely in other institutions, although usually not on the same large scale.  Initial voice visits commonly involve assessment by a laryngologist (voice specialist), various non-physician voice specialists, and laboratory evaluation of the voice.

To make an appointment to be seen at the PENTA Voice Center, call our office at (215)545-3322 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Who should be seen at the PENTA Voice Center?

Adults and children experiencing:

Hoarseness   Vocal strain
Rough or raspy voice   Breathy voice
Vocal fatigue   Pain with talking or singing
Voice breaks    Technical difficulty with the singing voice
Decreased range   Decreased breath support
Vocal instability   Difficulty breathing
Noisy breathing   Chronic throat clearing
Chronic cough   Throat tickle
Pain with swallowing    Difficulty swallowing
Abnormal throat sensations   Trauma to the voice box
Trouble singing softly or loudly   Difficulty with register transitions
Prolonged warm-up times      


What types of problems are treated at the PENTA Voice Center?

Vocal fold polyps    Airway scarring
Vocal fold nodules   Airway stenosis
Vocal fold cysts   Tracheotomy care
Vocal fold paresis
  (nerve weakness)
  Laryngeal cancer
Laryngeal trauma
Muscle tension dysphonia   Chronic cough
Reflux laryngitis   Hormonal voice disorders
Laryngeal papilloma   Age-related voice changes
Vocal fold hemorrhage   Vocal rejuvenation
Vocal fold tear   Neurologic voice disorders
Spasmodic dysphonia   Environmental toxin
Allergic voice disorders   Related voice disorders


Services offered at the PENTA Voice Center

Laryngeal videostroboscopy     Vocal fold phonosurgery
Neurolaryngeal evaluation   Microflap surgery
Laryngeal electromyography   Vocal fold scar revision
Objective voice measurement   Vocal fold medialization
Laryngeal airflow measurement   Laryngeal framework surgery
Pulmonary airflow measurement   Laryngeal fracture repair
Flexible laryngoscopy   Airway (laryngotracheal) reconstruction
Voice restoration   Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL)
Speaking voice analysis   Arytenoid adduction
Acting voice analysis   Thyroplasty
Singing voice therapy   Arytenoidopexy
Speaking voice therapy    Arytenoidectomy
Acting voice therapy   Laryngeal cancer surgery
Botulinum toxin injection    Laryngeal conservation (cancer)
Vocal fold injection   Papilloma treatment
Collagen injection   Removal of bleeding vocal fold vessels
Laryngeal videokymography   Cricopharyngeal myotomy
Esophageal Manometry   Esophageal dilation
Esophagoscopy   Zenker's diverticulectomy
24 hour pH Monitoring   CO2 laser surgery
Endoscopic swallowing evaluation   Laryngeal reinnervation
Laryngeal sensory testing   Other related services